About Me


Hello there, I’m Alyssa, a twenty-something blogger from New Jersey.  I have had a love for eating healthy and for fitness for as long as I can remember and my goal is to help people to optimize their best life now with food, faith, fitness and mindset strategies I have learned. 

I am studying to be a holistic health coach and my focus is to teach men and women reshape their bodies through nutrition & fitness. I have a special interest that I have been studying to instill the right eating habits to prevent the “slow fade” as we all age.  My training specialty is on the advanced principles of hormonal nutrition for fat loss and the unique hormonal effects of food while increasing energy and controlling hunger & cravings.

After learning to battle an autoimmune disease (Celiac) that I suffered from for many many years, I want to share my experience and knowledge to help others live a gluten-free lifestyle!  After all of the suffering I did, I hope to help others not have to go through that.  My goal is to be a resource to those of you who want to start now and reach certain health & wellness goals; albeit fat-loss and/or optimizing overall health.  I believe that anyone can achieve their nutritional goals while still enjoying the foods and flavors they crave.