Happy New Year – 2018!

Happy New Year Everyone!!! Hope you all had a wonderful time bringing in the New Year! I still can’t get over the fact that 2017 is in the past.. time just flies and this year in particular was a whirlwind for us!

2017 has brought a ton of changes for our family and as I sit and reflect on the year, I couldn’t feel more blessed.  While the biggest, most magnificent moment of 2017 for me was bringing Thomas Jackson into the world, there are a ton of other opportunities and changes – some things I said I would never do (lol) that came in front of our path as blessings, showing us God’s provision over our lives.  

As always, rather than coming up with tons of resolutions that are quickly forgotten and pushed to the wayside; I am focusing on just a few things as we bring in 2018. My goal is to live each day intentionally and by that I mean focusing on my role as a mom/wife/daughter/friend/businesswoman with purpose!  For example, I try to spend time with Thomas playing each day and being there in the present.. without distractions.. and without multitasking.  I am a queen of multitasking (I know T would agree with this) and usually cannot be caught doing one thing at a time.  While I would call it a strength of mine, I think it is also important to give some things undivided attention, especially when it comes to people.

Along with that, another one of my focuses is simplifying! When I think of simplifying, I often think of possessions and de-cluttering which don’t get me wrong, I LOVE.. but this particular simplifying is in regards to time and scheduling.  Life moves SO fast (I still can’t believe I have a child!) and so often we find ourselves pulled in a million different directions.  We obviously can’t just cut out appointments from our schedules but I believe it is about prioritizing and eliminating distractions. It is so easy to over-commit and add too much into each day.  While there is always going to be a lot to do, I want to really recognize and enjoy free time, for it is precious!! ..precious time we can spend on what matters most. That has been my focus since having Thomas and I am going to continue to focus on that this year! 🙂

As far as fitness & nutrition goes, I know many resolutions begin now and no matter where you are on your fitness and health journey, my number one tip for you to be successful is to SLOWLY make changes rather doing it all at once.  Anything too strict or restricting is going to backfire.  Learning self-discipline is a necessity, along knowing that consistency is key!!

Well, I am off to indulge in my new gluten-free, low-carb bagel recipe soon making it’s way onto the blog!!

Happy New Year everyone!




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