My Baby Shower!!

Hi Everyone!!

I’ve been wanting to do a quick post on the beautiful baby shower my mom and mother-in-law hosted for me a few weeks ago. It was truly the perfect afternoon, spending time celebrating our baby with my closest friends and family!  They kept the color scheme of the shower neutral, since we are being surprised with the gender… although I have my ideas — mother’s intuition ;). For those who know me, you know I am obsessed with grays and neutrals anyway, so it really has not been a problem when it comes to colors and planning.  I wouldn’t want it to scream boy or girl anyway!

T and I are so thankful to each and every person who came to celebrate with us and spoiling Baby B with love already. It was a memory celebrating our little one that we will cherish forever! <3

For those that came, my mom gave everyone a gender prediction card to fill out. She then put together a basket of “Alyssa’s favorite things” which whoever comes closest will get once Baby B arrives!  A few of my favorite things included in the basket are Lily’s chocolate bars, a Anthropologie Volcano candle, the BEST shea butter + lotion making kit (which I use to make my homemade body butter — post coming on this soon!) and a few other things.  I think T’s favorite part of the day was reading everyone’s predictions!  I, on the other hand, cant wait to see who wins it! 🙂

Now we are just waiting on Baby B! Hope you all have a fabulous rest of the weekend!!