Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!  I hope you all had a wonderful & safe New Year’s Eve! I cant believe we are already in 2017.  I feel like Christmas was yesterday!  It may have been the way the days fell this year – I am not sure, but I do know that it flew! 

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I have never really been one for creating New Year’s resolutions.  I’ve seen it happen too much where people set very high goals or too many goals, often unrealistic, and then a short time goes by and these commitments are thrown by the wayside.  Setting these too strict resolutions is the fastest way to guarantee failure especially if you want to start 2017 focused and fired up!

I have always been a self-help guru so anything I can get my hands on that is motivating and inspiring I LOVE!  In today’s post, I am sharing  what I am doing and what I have encouraged my clients to do. Hopefully you will find it inspirational!  

I truly believe it is vitally important to go into the new year with a vision as to what this year will look like, so I am creating a vision board for all of the visions I have for the year.  A vision board is simply a goal setting tool to help you visualize your future.  Visualizing is one of the most powerful tools to make things happen.  This allows you to picture your dreams and goals you want to live out.  It can either be the starting point or something you are already working on!  It is the map to your success.  A successful year is going to look different for each of us so close your eyes and think of things that would create a successful year for YOU!

I recommend using Canva to create a vision board and use the “photo collage”.  You could always create one by hand, using a poster board as well. An example, for me, is de-cluttering.  I am always trying to find more ways to de-clutter our life here in the “B” family household.  One of my pictures on my vision board may be this:

 I find that when I de-clutter my whole mentality OF LIFE changes.  I am productive.  I have a clean mind with a clear focus.  I could go on and on about de-cluttering but I will stop here!!  The point is… we can all think of a few things that we want to have at our center and to be our focus.  You can put pictures, quotes, inspirational words — whatever speaks to you, but remember — there is beauty in simplicity so don’t clutter your photo collage with too much!  A few of my clients have photos of drinking water, dumbells, strike sugar and different health quotes to motivate them this year and instill habits, whether they are new or continued.

Once your vision is done, put it somewhere you will see it often to remind yourself of your goals on a daily basis!  Spend time each day thinking about the items on your vision board and thinking about how you will feel once you have, do, or become what is on the board!  We are all going to have setbacks so don’t let them get you down, just get right back up and back on track!  This is part of life.

I hope this has you thinking about YOUR 2017 with YOUR dreams, YOUR goals and YOUR ideal life!! Enjoy!! I would love to hear your feedback if you do it!