Life events of the past month!

Today’s post is an exciting one! We have finally moved into our new house! Only a little more organizing and we will be set! I know I have been away from posting for a while… with all of the wedding planning/house planning, etc, it was impossible to keep up with blogging too! Aside from all the exciting wedding and house stuff, I wanted to share a brief summary about the past month and the fact that after this post, I will be back into my food posts! I just couldn’t go without mentioning a few major life events! 🙂 

On August 15th, T and I got married!!! On that day, we started the most exciting journey together! One of the things we had been praying about for a while was the weather on our wedding day and thankfully, we had amazing sunny weather! It truly was the best day!  Sometimes it is still shocking to me that the wedding happened and is now in the past!  It is becoming more REAL now, but sometimes I still tell T, “I can’t believe we are married”!  We were very calm as all of our family and friends know, like SUPER relaxed when it came to the planning of the day but then as it got closer we went through a period of craziness just to get everything done haha.  Luckily, everything went so smoothly!  I have to give a special thanks to my dad for such an organized planning system he had going for the big day.. he could really go into business as a wedding planner.. just saying! 😉 It was awesome!

While we havn’t received our full package of pictures yet, here are a few our photographer posted :).




The next morning after the wedding, at 3:45am, we left for our honeymoon to Hawaii! While we were initially planning the honeymoon, I would often hear about couples I knew postponing their honeymoon and taking it at another point in time. I mentioned it to T but we decided against it.  I can’t express enough how happy I am that we started off our married lives together with the honeymoon.  It was exactly what we needed to start our marriage off after all of the stress leading up to the big day! It gave us the ability to just spend quality time and reflect on what an awesome wedding day we had! I think it was on the second day of our honeymoon that I was emailed our wedding video by our videographer and I literally must have watched it 100 times over the course of the trip! We kept wanting to re-live the wedding day as much as we could!

In Hawaii, we went to many awesome dinners, my HIGHLIGHT!  The food there is literally phenomenal.  I LOVE seafood and I just feel like everything is seafood inspired from amazing fish tacos, to ahi pokè served everywhere.  It was just incredible! A few highlights in particular were Mama’s Fish House and also Roy’s, both in Maui!  Unfortunately, it was raining the day we went to Mama’s Fish house, which is known for their amazing views and although it cleared up a little, our pictures didn’t come out as good as we had hoped.  We still attempted to take a few and one of which I posted below! Aside from the food, we also did a ton of activities like taking a trip on the Road to Hana, we hiked Haleakala, ate acai bowls each day, went to a luau, swam in caves and snorkeled! We had a hard time balancing all of our activities and also just relaxing on the beach!  There was so much we wanted to do!

wedding 4IMG_9722

Mama’s Fish House

Ahi pokè!


Leaving the honeymoon was actually bittersweet as we got back to New Jersey and our house was finally finished!  We actually spent our wedding night in our home since we were only there for a few hours but all we had with us was our suitcases!  There was nothing else in the house and our builder was still doing finishing touches so the moment we got home and found out everything was complete, we started moving our stuff right in!  We had a blast bringing over a lot of my shower gifts and T loved setting up the TV and his guy stuff while I was of course in my zone, the kitchen!! 

We are almost all unpacked at this point and are much more settled!  Now that I am in the kitchen again, many more posts to come! 


Xo! Alyssa