The Easiest Protein Pancakes!

Happy Friday everyone!  Today I am sharing protein pancakes with you. I got this recipe from a friend at church and instantly fell in love with making these, so I had to share it on the blog.  C and I were originally introduced by her husband and my fiancĂ©. Ever since, we have become close and I love how we share the same passion of health and fitness! This recipe has become one of my favorites! One pancake is my ‘go-to’ every morning. Whether I am heading to work in a rush or just relaxing on the weekends, I always pull one out of the freezer.

I have become obsessed with making things ahead of time… especially when it comes to food. If I am in a rush and have nothing prepared, I will fall for junk food just because it is available.  Preparing these in advance makes eating healthy so easy! This recipe makes about a week’s worth of pancakes.


After making, I usually let them cool then store them in an air-tight container and freeze.


Protein Pancakes

1 carton of eggs (2 eggs and 10 egg whites)
1 cup cottage cheese
1 cup oatmeal
1 tsp. vanilla
1 tbsp. cinnamon
1 tsp. flax seeds (optional)

Blend all ingredients until smooth. Make just like regular pancakes – Cook on a griddle until slightly browned then flip and do the other side. Let cool and either eat or freeze! You may serve with pure maple syrup and/or berries! I usually just do berries. Hope you enjoy these as much as I do!! xox