Our Engagement!!!

I feel like being engaged this past month has been a whirlwind to say the least! Every time I tell someone ‘the story’ and how it happened, I wish I could relive the very day! I’ve wanted to write a post on this for a while, not only to share the story with those who have not heard it but also to be able to re-read it so that I never forget the details of such a special day! This is probably the one time I will not mention any healthy food but that’s ok, right?!

So basically T and I decided to take a Wednesday – Friday off of work together to enjoy a few days with each other. We had planned to just relax, go to the shore, and eat at some special restaurants we had been wanting to go to.  T mentioned the weekend before that it would be fun to kick off the vacation with a special dinner.  As it got closer, he casually told me he would surprise me with a restaurant.  This was actually very common because he has done that for other celebrations in the past and I absolutely love being surprised! So that day, T said he had made reservations and to be ready to leave at 7pm. Of course, by the time I got home from work, things took a little longer and we left a little later than expected. I could see the stress in T as we started on our journey in the pouring rain… and I mean this rain was terrible! We could barely see out of the windshield. We started heading into a direction I knew, but was shocked when we entered the driveway of the Chart House, the restaurant we had spent our first Valentine’s Day at! While the food is amazing there, the view of the New York City skyline is just spectacular!

We walked in and were brought to a beautiful table facing the water.  We both enjoyed delicious food as we sat and talked, and laughed together.  We both were hopeful that maybe it would clear up for a picture outside at the end of the evening.  As we neared the end, we had to finish the meal with this chocolate lava cake with ice cream which was honestly one of the best desserts I have ever had.

T asked our server for the bill and after he finished paying but before we left, he pulled out an envelope from his jacket pocket. He told me that he just wanted me to read something that he had written.  T is a very good writer and he often writes me handwritten notes that bring me to tears! ..good tears, of course!  Well, this one was no different and here I was, crying/partially laughing as I read the beautiful letter he had written me. The letter spoke about our journey together almost two years ago – right from the very beginning until now. The letter mentioned nothing about marriage it was simply a love letter.  As I finished the letter, we started to leave and noticed that the rain had stopped a bit. We went to walk outside but one of the bartenders told us that the deck had been closed due to the dangerous conditions outside. T insisted on going and said we were just going to take one quick picture.

As we got outside, there was no rain and there was also no one out there but the two of us so the only thing we could hear was the sound of the water. It was there on the deck that T got down on one knee!!  T ended up coordinating with my mom that both if our families would be at my house for some celebrating and pictures. It was the best evening!!  The next day my parents were so sweet to host a small celebration for us where our closest friends and family came to see us!! We had the best vacation ever!

Before we went out 🙂

Our amazing appetizer! Crab, avocado and mango!

Me reading the letter! 


Right after T proposed!

The planning has officially begun!! xo